January 16 - 1 and 2pm games are Postponed

Winter Youth League 2021 - 2022

Registration Is now Closed to any new teams or players

If you are on a roster you may continue to pay online. 

Cost $65 per Player and that includes a T-shirt 

Age Groups Under 8, 10, 12, 14, HS boys.

 Games Begin the 3rd weekend of December

 Please remember no outdoor cleats. Only tennis shoes or indoor shoes are allowed on the playing surface at Premier.

 This make's Shin Guards Optional!

 Be sure when checking out to tell me what team

your player is with in the notes section.

If you do not have a team you will be added to a team. 

  HS BOYS - Friday/Sunday

Friday January - 21

   7:00pm -Stars vs Worst Team

   8:00pm - Rejects vs Reserves

   9:00pm - Classic City vs Rowdies 

 10:00pm - Mam's Angles vs Peppa Pig 

Saturday January - 22

   9:00am - Flash vs Sharks

 10:00am - Renegades vs Thunder

 11:00am - Strikers vs Lady Leopards

 12:00pm - Razors vs Goal Getters

   1:00pm - Chupacabra 10 vs Hawks

   2:00pm - Jokers vs Bears

   3:00pm - Eagles vs Pacers

   4:00pm - Avg. Joes vs Los Goalazos

   5:00pm - Rockets vs Force

   6:00pm - Amigos vs Boomers

   7:00pm - Stinky Feet vs Cosmos

   8:00pm - Dragons vs Twisters

   9:00pm - Nutmegs vs Brave Lightning

 Sunday  January  23-

   1:00pm - Chupacabras 14 vs Hillsman

   2:00pm - Bolts vs Falcons

 Saturday January - 29

   9:00am - Goal Getters vs Chupacabras 10

 10:00am - Lady Leopards vs Razors

 11:00am - Hawks vs Strikers

 12:00pm - Sharks vs Renegades

   1:00pm - Flash vs Thunder

   2:00pm - Bears vs Eagles

   3:00pm - Boomers vs Jokers

   4:00pm - Pacers vs Amigos

   5:00pm - Chupacabra 14 vs Rockets

   6:00pm - Force vs Los Goalazos

   7:00pm - Stinky Feet vs Nutmegs

   8:00pm - Twisters vs Brave Lightning

   9:00pm - Cosmos vs Dragons

Sunday  January  30 -

   12:00pm - Bolts vs Dragons - make up Game from 1-16

   1:00pm - Hillsman vs Bolts

   2:00pm - Avg. Joes vs Falcons

 Saturday February 5

   9:00am - Flash vs Renegades

 10:00amSharks vs Thunder

 11:00am - Goal Getters vs Hawks

 12:00pm - Chupacabra 10 vs Razors

   1:00pm - Strikers vs Lady Leopards

   2:00pm - Boomers vs Pacers

   3:00pm - Amigos vs Bears

   4:00pm - Jokers vs Eagles

   5:00pm - Rockets vs Avg. Joes

   6:00pm - Los Goalazos vs Bolts

   7:00pm - Brave Lightning vs Stinky ft

   8:00pm - Cosmos vs Twisters

   9:00pm - Dragons vs Nutmegs

Sunday February 6

   12:00pm - Hillsman vs Force - Make up game from 1-16

   1:00pm - Falcons vs Hillsman

   2:00pm - Chupacabras vs Force